ARENA v1.8

Configuration Sharing Among Locations
Configure once, publish everywhere.
Now you can activate the same launcher on multiple locations.
When you change settings, spaces or contents on one device, all sharing locations will be updated instantly and automatically after sync.
Interactive Multimedia Screensaver
Use each ARENA computer as an interactive digital signage unit, even when it is not being used.
Now you can define content playlists and assign them as screensavers for each location.
Playlists may include Videos, Images, Web Pages, and Interactive Applications (HTML, Flash).
Configure any number of campaigns with custom content playlists.
After a configurable inactivity period, the Screensaver is activated and selected playlist is started.
ARENA resumes the playlist whenever the screensaver is reactivated, displaying the next available content.
This guarantees all ads will get an identical display count.
Create playlists with:
Screensaver Menu captures:

Customer Account Management
Online user panel allows an easy and centralized control of all your accounts.
You can create and manage customer accounts, assign existing licenses, buy new licenses for your customers, transfer licenses from one account to another, and much more.
Account Panel allows you to:
Account Panel captures:

Improved License Manager
Licenses are now grouped by product.
It is now easier to check available license and manage existing activations.
License Manager captures:

Browser: App Update
Option to deactivate button bar, useful for single site kiosk operation.
Improved performance and compatibility.
Authentication support for reserved webpage/website section access.

PDF: App Update
Automatic preprocessing of PDF documents, for a faster and smoother experience.
Optimized PDF handling.

Available documentation:
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Quick Start Guide
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