ARENA v1.7


  • Export configurations
  • Starting with ARENA 1.7 you can easily export:
  • Complete configurations (including Launcher, Spaces, Applications and content)
  • Individual Spaces (including Space settings, Applications and content)
  • Individual Apps (including Application settings and content)
  • Selected collections
  • Selected files
  • Import Configurations
  • Publish configurations into remote devices/locations or into the current location
  • Easily import full configurations, individual spaces, individual apps, selected collection sets or even selected files
  • Revamped Welcome Area
  • Now gives access the most common areas and briefly describes their usage
  • Management Group
  • Provides fast access to Platform Settings, Sync Settings and to the Configuration Import Wizard
  • Multiple License Activation
  • Multiple License Deactivation

KickIn app:

  • Access to all file types stored in the library (Images, Videos, PDFs)
  • Setting objects include: collections (multiple collection selector), Images/Videos/PDFs (asset selector), Value Lists (combobox), Input (textbox), Numerical (slider or spinbox) and Boolean (checkbox)

KickOff app:

  • Working directory may be defined for external applications

Online account:

  • Integrated account panel (all settings available in a single user dashboard)
  • Cloud space usage dashboard
  • Quick option to pay pending license requests
  • Quick option to delete demo licenses
  • Quick option to delete pending payment licenses

    Available documentation: