ARENA v1.10

Draw On Top
Brainstorm and express your ideas through ARENA’s drawing feature

Draw over images, videos, pdfs and backgrounds

Change line thickness

Highlight specific sections of your contents with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and freehand drawing

Color picker for fill and stroke

Undo, redo, erase and clear screen options

Quickly access useful tools in fullscreen mode, to make the most of ARENA’s multitouch experience

Add a grid for drawing or apps’ menus placement

Rotate screen

Test your equipment’s touch input, by applying a layer of any color

Store screenshots in ARENA’s content management system

Share screenshots by email

Background Displaying Videos
Boost the the visual impact of your ARENA configurations, using videos as background

Apply a watermark layer on top of a home space’s animated background

Content Organization
Define the order you want to display your contents

Order contents alphabetically in ARENA’s content management system

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