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How to buy ARENA Multitouch Platform?

          1. Go to ARENA Store
          2. Login using your account. Create one if you don’t have
          3. Select the version you want to buy (Starter or Pro) and choose “GET NOW”
          4. Make the payment either using Paypal or credit card  (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover). Demo version doesn’t require payment
          5. The license will be available in your account. Just download the software in the page you were redirected to and login using your account details


How to buy more Apps?

Buy Online:

                    1. Go to ARENA Store
                    2. Login using your account
                    3. Select the app you want to buy and click the “GET NOW” button. The payment method is the same as when you bought ARENA Multitouch Platform
                    4. Go to “My Account”, “My Licenses” to check that the license is available – this step is not mandatory
                    5. Click Refresh inside ARENA, Licenses

Buy inside the software:

                    1. Open ARENA
                    2. Go to Store, Licenses
                    3. Select the app you want to buy and click the “GET NOW” button. The payment method is the same as when you bought ARENA
                    4. Click Refresh inside ARENA, Licenses


Do I need to create an account?

Yes. Your account is where all the licenses of your Apps are stored. The Account is created online and you need to login in the software to run it.

What is the difference between Starter and Pro?

Starter includes, besides the Platform itself, licenses for Images, Videos, Facebook and Twitter Apps.
Pro includes, besides the Platform and the 4 apps included with Starter, licenses for the following Apps: Media, PDF, News, Browser, Catalog, Quiz, Ticker, Music Player and KickIn.
When you have a Starter or Pro licenses, you can also download and install for free the following Apps and Widgets: KickOff, Test, Flood, Tic Tac Toe, Box-it, Clock and Weather.

How to install ARENA Multitouch Platform?

          1.  If you have installed a previous version of Multitouch Pack beta version, uninstall it. Delete settings or previous content if asked
          2. Run the installer downloaded in “#1 How to Buy”
          3. Restart the computer when asked
          4. Start ARENA
          5. Login using you account email and password
          6. Wait for license activation and contents synchronization


How to customize an App?

Go to Launcher (do not activate fullscreen mode), click the App you want to customize and select the “Settings” button from the App menu. If the App you want is not appearing it may not be active yet (see “How to Activate an App) or  because you haven’t added it to the Launcher yet. In Launcher, select “Add to Space” and add the App you want to customize.  The customization options available vary from App to App.

What are the PC requirements?

Operating system: Windows 7 with multitouch functionality (32 and 64-bit) or Windows 8
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Dedicated graphics card mandatory

Best experience with the following graphics cards:
NVIDIA® Geforce GTS 450
AMD® Radeon HD 6630M on Mac mini
INTEL® HD Graphics 4000

In what Operating Systems does Arena run?

Currently, Arena runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you need to use with a different OS, please contact us.

Do I need a multitouch display?

No. You can use ARENA Multitouch Platform with a single-touch display. However, to fully experience the benefits of our innovative User Interface we advise to use at least a dual-touch display. With a multitouch display you can enjoy all the features ARENA Multitouch Platform and its Apps has to offer.

Does ARENA run with any touch hardware?

Yes. You can use any touch sensor, ARENA doesn’t require any specific brand of touch hardware.

Can I use my ARENA Account with more than one computer?

Yes, you can.

You can install ARENA Multitouch Platform in any computer and use the same account to login. This enables you to manage contents from any computer in your account.

Can I use my ARENA license(s) in more than one computer?

Yes, you can.

Simply activate one of your Launcher licenses in that computer. If you just have one, deactivate from the computer you are using and activate on the one you want to use.


          1. ARENA: Software framework that allows launch and configure multitouch apps.  You can have apps developed by ARENA INTERACTIVITY, your own or use third party apps.
          2. Account: You need to create an Account to run your software. It’s in your Account that the Licenses you bought are saved.
          3. Licenses: In License Manager you can activate and deactivate the apps and Launcher licenses you bought. To use any license on a different computer just make sure you deactivate them first, so that they are available. The “Computer” column tells you in which computer each license is activated. Don’t forget that to run your apps on a different PC you always need a Launcher license activated on that computer. To rename your current computer, click the “Account Info” icon on the top right.
          4. Computer: You can use your Account across different computers with infinite Licenses. Computer stands to identify each different PC that is associated with your account.
          5. Apps: Applications that run in Arena. They can be developed by ARENA INTERACTIVITY (available in our Store), developed by yourself or by a third party.
          6. Launcher: In Launcher you customize what the user will see. You can add Apps and customize them, add Widgets and Spaces. Spaces are like desktops, where you can organize Apps and Widgets by theme. For instance, one Space for media Apps and other Space for social networking Apps
          7. Contents: Contents allow you to import media files (images, videos and pdf) to use them on the Launcher to customize the Apps. All the media files you have appear on the right of the screen. You can also organize the contents by Collections, on the left of the screen. You can insert as many as you want.
          8. Collection: themed folder with media files that can have several types of media inside. You can Import a folder or simply drag media from Files, on the right. Collections are what you will use in Apps. For instance, you can configure 3 Collections of images to use in the Images App. Add, rename or delete media files from Collections. Inspector will give you more information about the selected media file, like where is it being used.
          9. Spaces: Spaces are like multiple desktops, where you can organize Apps and Widgets by theme. For instance, one Space for media Apps and other Space for social networking Apps. It is helpful to organize or to create a specific flow of interaction.
          10. Widgets: are virtual tools that provide single purpose services. Choose the Widgets you want to add to your Space. The same Widget can be added to several Spaces
          11. Settings:customize the software. Activate Kiosk Mode, manage Updates, Sync Account settings and/or contents, test Internet connection and manage advanced Settings.


Do I need internet to run the software?

No. It is possible to use ARENA in places with no internet access (very common in retail).
You will need internet to activate the Apps you want to use, when you are setting up the computer and customizing the contents for the first time. After that, it runs without internet perfectly.
There are some Apps that require internet to work, like Facebook, Browser or News, for instance. Also contents synchronization and software updates require internet, meaning you will miss these features.

What are the network ports used by ARENA?

ARENA uses TCP ports 80 and 22 to communicate.
To check if your network configuration is correct:
1. Select Platform Settings in ARENA
2. Press Diagnosis
3. Press “Test” for each connectivity section

What are Spaces for?

Spaces are like folders, where you can launch Apps, Widgets and other Spaces. Spaces are useful because they let you organize your contents the way you want. For instance, organize your apps by theme, for instance: games, social networking, media, etc.

How to exit Launcher in kiosk mode?

To exit Launcher just press ESC on your keyboard. You can also touch the screen with 2 fingers for 10 seconds and a numeric keyboard is activated to enter a code to exit Kiosk mode. This code is defined in “Launcher – Launcher Settings – Exit Fullscreen code”.

How to exit Launcher without a keyboard?
Touch the screen with 2 fingers for 10 seconds and a numeric keyboard is activated to enter a code to exit Kiosk mode. This code is defined in “Launcher – Launcher Settings – Exit Fullscreen code”.

How to update ARENA?
Go to Settings / Software Updates. Click “Check Now”. If there are updates available, click “Install”.

You can setup your software to automatically check for updates and install them. If you have “Kiosk Mode” activated you can have automatic updates install activated as well, the end-users will never see it. See here why.

How does the Account work?
Your Account is where the Licenses you bought and your Cloud is.
You can install ARENA in as many Computers as you want. Similarly, you can have as many Licenses as you want.
And you can assign your Licenses to your Computers, according to your needs.
You can also add contents locally, in each computer. If you synchronize them, they will be stored in your Account, in the cloud. Meaning you can add media files in one computer and quickly spread them across all the other computers.

How to disable Windows cursor?
Go to Launcher; Launcher Settings. Disable “Show Windows cursor”.
You can also disable ARENA touch feedback, by unchecking “Show touch feedback”. Bear in mind that if you deactivate both at the same time you will have no feedback on where touch is being detected.

How to create a Collection?

Go to Media Manager, click on “New Collection” button.

How to add several files to a Collection?

In Contents drag files from “Files” (right side of the screen) into the Collection. If you still haven’t imported the files, you can click “Import” on “Collections” (left side of the screen) and add several files to a new Collection.

What video and image formats can I use?


I want to create a personalized icon. What should the dimensions be?

A size of 256×256 is recommended.

I want to create a background, what should the image size be?

The image could be of any size, but a size of 1920×1080 is recommended.

Browser App: What is the size of the image in website listing?

280*400 pixel

I have problems with Flash Player / Youtube videos in Home area not loading

You need to install the latest version of “Flash Player for other browsers”. Download it in this LINK

Twitter account doesn’t sign in

This happens when Twitter modifies its web certificate. Open Chrome/Firefox in that computer and login to Twitter. Now you have the latest certificate in your computer. Exit ARENA and run again.



To contact us directly, use the “Support” tab on the right of the screen