ARENA v1.10

Draw On Top:

  • Brainstorm and express your ideas through ARENA’s drawing feature
  • Draw over images, videos, pdfs and backgrounds
  • Change line thickness
  • Highlight specific sections of your contents with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and freehand drawing
  • Color picker for fill and stroke
  • Undo, redo, erase and clear screen options
  • Toolbar:

    • Quickly access useful tools in fullscreen mode, to make the most of ARENA’s multitouch experience
    • Add a grid for drawing or apps’ menus placement
    • Rotate screen
    • Test your equipment’s touch input, by applying a layer of any color
    • Store screenshots in ARENA’s content management system
    • Share screenshots by email
    • Background Displaying Videos:

      • Boost the the visual impact of your ARENA configurations, using videos as background
      • Apply a watermark layer on top of a home space’s animated background
      • Content Organization:

        • Define the order you want to display your contents
        • Order contents alphabetically in ARENA’s content management system

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          ARENA v1.9

          Analytics From Interaction:

          • Analytics module available at the account panel, supporting dynamic filtering of data using a wide set of criteria
          • Check how many times an application has been started or exit, a catalog button, content collection or website has been opened and a content/commercial has been displayed in screensaver playlists
          • Select columns or line graphs for analytics display, in order to analyze events per source/application name, per application instance or space per application option (catalog button, website, collection), website instance or space, per domain/subdomain and per location
          • Enhanced Catalog Customization:

            • Import HTML apps into catalog and assign them to options, integrating external apps with standard catalog content
            • Assign a Web Url as a target for a catalog option
            • Define default option per menu, to be opened automatically when the menu is selected
            • Assign a customized background to each option, along with associated content
            • Define available viewing modes, and define a default viewing mode for collections assigned to catalog buttons
            • Autoplay videos when the button option is activated
            • Revamped user interface making it even easier to use
            • Increased Launcher Flexibility:

              • Support for non-circular app icons, using transparent PNGs, including option to deactivate button borders and effects
              • Launcher may use all available screens connected to device, in extended screen mode
              • Select the display where you want to launch in full screen mode, supporting content management on one screen and presentation on a different one
              • Move application icon to a specific position on the screen, after the application is launched
              • Option to rotate screen available in fullscreen mode
              • Revamped Backoffice Interface:

                • Simplified First Run Wizard, supporting demo license download and license activation
                • List of locations where each configuration is being used
                • Delete existing configurations
                • Reactivate existing configurations using a single click
                • Revamped interface, making it even easier to understand
                • Contextual help images displayed at each application
                • Define logical domains and subdomains to organize the devices using ARENA
                • Improved ARENA monitoring
                • Software manager setting to add a delay to control when ARENA is launched after machine start
                • Faster license activation/deactivation
                • Option to deactivate ESC and Visual pin keyboard while running in Kiosk mode
                • Password protect software manager, to support player mode on target machines
                • Proxy support, allowing web and platform requests to be issued through existing proxy servers. Port 22 is still used for content sync
                • High-Performance Browser With Wider Compatibility:

                  • Updated browser engine, using CEF
                  • Touch and drag support for scrolling
                  • List domains to be allowed or blocked
                  • Options to deactivate keyboard and block any user input, and to disable navigation buttons
                  • Show info window when link has been blocked
                  • Evolved Platform And Monitoring Tools:

                    • Detailed logging information available online, from all machines, including information messages, warnings, device associated errors, status and statistical information
                    • Access logging information per domain/sub-domain
                    • Dynamically filter log messages
                    • Export information to external sources, using CSV files
                    • Access all machine screenshots from all available machines, selecting the desired domain or location
                    • Download all available screenshots for analysis
                    • Access individual captures, by date, and view or download them, and access quiz results from all quizes, on all machines, and download them for analysis, using CSV or XML format
                    • Define if associated account has access to the account panel or not
                    • Apps and Widgets Improvements:

                      • Media App:
                      • Define the viewing modes (full screen, grid, spread) available for collections, and which will be the default viewing mode
                      • Quiz App:
                      • Updated quiz engine, based on CEF
                      • Local Http Server added to manage quiz results, allowing advanced customizations to be made using standard browsers, using tools such as Chrome Tools, Firebug and others
                      • Option to launch quiz in external browser for styling/component inspection and templating
                      • Twitter App:
                      • App updated to handle updated Twitter API
                      • Weather Widget:
                      • Option to remove borders, supporting info layer operation mode
                      • Clock Widget:
                      • May be used without borders, supporting info layer operation mode
                      • Optimizations and Bug Fixes:

                        • Fixed: browser doesn’t hide close button if it is the only app running
                        • Fixed: go back to startup space activates home space after timeout, on the space where the app is running
                        • Fixed: sync is blocked at 0:00 after copy process is completed
                        • Fixed: mandatory option on quiz form was ignored
                        • Fixed: background zoom didn’t reposition background image correctly after zoom was deactivated
                        • Fixed: Media and Video app are restarted after reaching the end of playback time
                        • Fixed: open single collection automatically not working in Media, Images and Video apps
                        • Fixed: on rare occasions, catalog items were not centered correctly
                        • Fixed: option to rename a quiz after creation was added
                        • Fixed: sync problem when filename was too long or contained illegal characters
                        • Fixed: new pages should be added below the current selected page/question
                        • Fixed: Quiz: form is cut when seeing Multiple Choice Question properties
                        • Fixed: Quiz: switch to deactivate page number doesn’t work
                        • Fixed: Quiz: fix window size when long questions are used
                        • Fixed: Quiz: next arrow is not shown when a free text page is displayed
                        • Fixed: Quiz: next arrow is not shown unless a correct answer is marked in multi choice questions
                        • Fixed: occasional issues while importing configurations
                        • Fixed: importing configuration fails when no launcher is active
                        • Improved compatibility with ATI driver

                          ARENA v1.8


                          • Configuration Sharing Among Locations
                          • Full configurations may be shared by activating the same launcher on several machines
                          • Changes performed on one machine will automatically be applied to all sharing devices
                          • Interactive Multimedia Screensaver
                          • Configure any number of campaigns with custom content playlists
                          • A playlist may include videos, images and even interactive applications (HTML, SWF)
                          • After a configurable inactivity period, the Screensaver is activated and selected playlist is started
                          • Arena resumes the playlist whenever the screensaver is reactivated, displaying the next available content. This guarantees all ads will get an identical display count
                          • Customer Account Management
                          • Online account panel allows centralized control of all accounts
                          • Existing free licenses may be transferred between accounts, to optimize licenses usage
                          • New licenses can be acquired and assigned to specific customers
                          • Improved License Manager
                          • Licenses are now grouped by product
                          • It is now easier to check available license and manage existing activations
                          • Improved License Validation Procedure
                          • Browser app:

                            • Option to deactivate button bar, useful for single site kiosk operation
                            • Authentication support for reserved webpage/website section access
                            • Authentication screen for entering account info when website requests it
                            • Support for defining user account and password in the URL for account context definition when website is loaded
                            • Fixed: website home is not captured if a previous icon has been assigned while adding a new website
                            • Updated Button bar without textual elements
                            • Improved compatibility
                            • Optimized performance
                            • PDF app:

                              • Background optimization for PDFs, allowing for smoother and faster PDF visualization
                              • Optimized PDF handling
                              • News app:

                                • Option to keep existing Post HTML tags or to strip them out
                                • Available for each feed independently
                                • Improved post view, with smoother behaviour
                                • Fixed: cached is not used if post time to live has expired
                                • Optimized performance

                                  ARENA v1.7.2


                                  • New management option to select default Writing System and System Font, to support adequate display of text with non-latin languages
                                  • Charms Bar is hidden while running in Windows 8

                                  Quiz app:

                                  • Occasionally imported Quizzes were not activated (Fixed)

                                  PDF app:

                                  • Control Icon background updated to maximize visibility with light background PDFs

                                  KickOff app:

                                  • Additional options to force bringing window to front on external applications

                                    ARENA v1.7.1


                                    • Faster Configuration Import Procedure
                                    • Dual graphics processing mode, supporting ultra-high resolution images when the Graphics Card and Memory are adequate
                                    • Tested with images up to 100 Megapixels. Results depend on available hardware

                                    Quiz app:

                                    • Exports results as CSV files to make it easy to merge and aggregate using external tools, like Excel
                                    • Automatically stores results after the last Input page (previous version stored after Finish Page only)

                                    Twitter app:

                                    • Support for Twitter Rest API v1.1 (login procedure updated)
                                      ARENA v1.7


                                      • Export configurations
                                      • Starting with ARENA 1.7 you can easily export:
                                      • Complete configurations (including Launcher, Spaces, Applications and content)
                                      • Individual Spaces (including Space settings, Applications and content)
                                      • Individual Apps (including Application settings and content)
                                      • Selected collections
                                      • Selected files
                                      • Import Configurations
                                      • Publish configurations into remote devices/locations or into the current location
                                      • Easily import full configurations, individual spaces, individual apps, selected collection sets or even selected files
                                      • Revamped Welcome Area
                                      • Now gives access the most common areas and briefly describes their usage
                                      • Management Group
                                      • Provides fast access to Platform Settings, Sync Settings and to the Configuration Import Wizard
                                      • Multiple License Activation
                                      • Multiple License Deactivation

                                      KickIn app:

                                      • Access to all file types stored in the library (Images, Videos, PDFs)
                                      • Setting objects include: collections (multiple collection selector), Images/Videos/PDFs (asset selector), Value Lists (combobox), Input (textbox), Numerical (slider or spinbox) and Boolean (checkbox)

                                      KickOff app:

                                      • Working directory may be defined for external applications

                                      Online account:

                                      • Integrated account panel (all settings available in a single user dashboard)
                                      • Cloud space usage dashboard
                                      • Quick option to pay pending license requests
                                      • Quick option to delete demo licenses
                                      • Quick option to delete pending payment licenses

                                        ARENA v1.6


                                        • Overall stability & performance increased
                                        • Animations & transitions are now smoother
                                        • Windows 8 Support


                                        • Application menus positions can be defined separetely for each space
                                        • Application menus positioning with three types: Floatable, Elastic and Fixed
                                        • Option to hide App menu when Start Application Auto is activated
                                        • Option to show multitouch information (touch Id, position, count)

                                        Browser app:

                                        • Websites list now showing preview thumbnails. Each is generated when a website is added

                                        News app:

                                        • Feeds content now stored in cache

                                        Images app:

                                        • Ability to stop application and/or close collection while its contents are still loading
                                        • Implemented support for bigger images, up to 70 Megapixels

                                        PDF app:

                                        • Document pages now stored in cache. Pages load faster

                                        NEW APPS:

                                        • Catalog
                                        • Quiz
                                        • KickIn
                                        • Box-it
                                        • Test

                                        NEW WIDGETS:

                                        • Music Player
                                        • Ticker
                                        • Weather